Appraisal Fees & Policies

Our appraisal fees are competitive in the industry and based on an hourly rate.


All estimated fees will be agreed upon in the form of a formal contract. A retainer deposit is due prior to or at the time of on-site inspection. Once the report is complete, SAA will invoice the client with the balance. Once the balance is paid, the client will receive a PDF copy of the report to their email and a hardcopy report sent to their mailing address, if needed.


Fees are NEVER charged as a percentage of the appraised value. This is an unethical practice; therefore, the fees are standard and without consideration of the value of the appraised property.

General Fee Structure


  • Formal Appraisal Assignments:  Hourly rate, depending on the scope of work

         Report MINIMUM is $450.00 

         Travel is based on mileage @ 0.58 cents per mile

  • Remote Valuation:  $150.00/hour (not appropriate for formal assignments)

         MINIMUM is $150.00​

  • Walk-Through Valuation Consultation: Flat fee of $175.00 for the first hour; additional time will be billed at a pro-rated hourly rate of $150.00/hour (not appropriate for formal assignments)

Quote/Fee Estimate


Interested in a fee estimate for an appraisal or valuation of your property? Please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind the MINIMUM fees outlined above.                  973.352.7931

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